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Cheever Brothers is Very Proud of the Team of Amazingly Talented Construction Experts we have Created in Atlanta, GA.

Meet the Team!


Charlie Cheever – Owner & Director of Business Development

Charlie Cheever, Owner and Director of Business Development for Cheever Brothers, has worked in construction since the age of 14. After graduating from Newnan High School in Newnan, Georgia, he obtained a business degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Charlie has worked in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industry for over 30 years and knows what It takes to build lasting relationships that benefit his company, his clients and his family.


Over the course of his career, Charlie he has worked on a vast array of projects where he garnered a great deal of experience in commercial Retail, Industrial and Class A Office construction and renovations that has been invaluable building and growing Cheever Brothers and its relationships. Charlie has 6 loyal brothers, a very special sister, a beautiful and loving wife, 3 wonderful children, an awesome dog (Tempe), the best stepfather anyone could ever have and nurturing parents and in-laws. All of which are involved in real estate, construction and related professions.


John Cheever – Lead Superintendent, Cheever Brothers Construction

John Cheever, a Lead Superintendent for Cheever Brothers Construction , has worked in construction for 44 years. He has worked in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industries which amassed him a wealth of experience has and knowledge of all sectors of the industry.

Over the course of his career, John he has worked on a vast array of projects which gained him exposure working in many aspects of the construction industry. Being that his family has been in the industry for generations, John has been around job sites his entire life. John is also a preacher and teacher of the Gospel in his spare time and plays an integral part in the spiritual maturity and development of our new and existing employees. John is father to 6 sons and a daughter and Grandfather to 14 grandchildren.


Edward Dennett-Smith – Vice President of Operations

Edward is an up-and-coming talent with a decade of construction and operation experience. Developing repeatable and reliable standards is the foundation of his role.


He coordinates and trains project management and superintendents alike. In such a dynamic and competitive market, it is his job to make sure projects stay on track and meet or exceed our deadlines. The Processes he set in place has set the standards for quality and health and safety moving forward.

Nick Holt.jpg

Nick Holt – Superintendent

Meet Nick Holt, an ambitious young professional making waves in the construction industry. Nick developed a passion for building and creating from a young age, inspired by his family's background in carpentry. He quickly rose through the ranks with a combination of hands-on experience and a natural leadership flair.


His journey in the construction industry began as an independent project coordinator, where he honed his organizational skills and attention to detail. With dedication and a strong work ethic, Nick transitioned into a supervisory role at the age of 27, becoming one of the youngest construction superintendents in his company's history. His ability to effectively communicate with diverse teams and his knack for problem-solving have set him apart in the industry.

Taylor Williams.jpg

Taylor Williams – Controller

Taylor Williams is a dynamic and accomplished 25-year-old professional who has successfully balanced her roles as a dedicated wife, loving mother of two, and a skilled construction and finance expert. With a passion for both the physical and financial aspects of the business world,


Taylor has carved a niche for herself in the construction industry, utilizing her expertise in finance and administration to drive successful projects. Taylor's commitment to continuous learning and growth is evident in her pursuit of professional development opportunities. Her keen understanding of the construction field has proven invaluable in ensuring the success of complex ventures. 


In addition to your project team, Cheever Brothers utilizes one of the most advanced project management softwares available to keep you, the project team and all the subs connected and communicating throughout the project. Using our partnership with BuilderTrend, there will be no lack of communication on any of your projects with Cheever Brothers or its partners.

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