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Big Box Stores are Transforming...

The commercial real estate landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. The rise of e-commerce and changing consumer preferences have led to a decline in traditional retail spaces, particularly big box stores. However, this has opened new opportunities for big box redevelopment and façade renovations in Atlanta, GA, breathing new life into these underutilized spaces.

Big box redevelopment involves repurposing large, often vacant, retail spaces into new uses. These can range from office spaces, medical facilities, and educational institutions to residential units, entertainment centers, and mixed-use developments. Our goal is to create retail spaces that meet the changing needs of the community and generate economic activity. Cheever Brothers can provide big box redevelopment and façade renovation services in Atlanta, GA.



A vacant big box store can be transformed into a vibrant community center, offering a mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options. It can also be converted into a modern office space, attracting businesses, and creating jobs. Big Box Retailers in Atlanta, GA can also be redeveloped into affordable housing units, addressing a critical need in many communities. The possibilities are endless, limited only by creativity and vision.


Retail façade renovation and remodeling in Atlanta, GA, on the other hand, are about improving the exterior appearance of existing buildings, some of which are old Big Box Stores. They can be a critical part of big box redevelopment projects in Atlanta, GA, helping to transform the look and feel of the redeveloped spaces. Façade renovation services in Atlanta, GA can also be used to update existing buildings, improving their curb appeal and to attract tenants and customers. For example, a façade renovation can give a dated building a modern, fresh look. It can also help to improve the energy efficiency of the building, by incorporating green technologies and materials. Moreover, a well-designed façade can enhance the character of the neighborhood and contribute to its revitalization. For expert big box renovations in Atlanta, GA, call on Cheever Brothers!

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How is Retail Evolving?

Retailer store owners in Atlanta, GA are using technology to create interactive displays and digital fitting rooms. They are creating experiential spaces where customers can try products before buying them. They are also redesigning retail and commercial space in Atlanta, GA to make them more intuitive and easier to navigate. These retail renovation companies in Atlanta, GA are not just improving the aesthetics of the stores but also their functionality & efficiency.

On the other hand, retail ground up construction in Atlanta, GA is about building new stores from scratch. This approach gives retailers the individual freedom and distinctive opportunity to design and build new stores that reflect their brand identity and cater to the specific needs of their customers. Hiring a retail ground up construction company in Atlanta, GA allows you to incorporate the latest trends and technologies right from the start, rather than trying to retrofit them into your existing space. 


Cheever Brothers can provide retail store design services in Atlanta, GA with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies. We can also custom design retail stores in Atlanta, GA that are flexible, adaptable and able to change with the times and the evolving needs of your customers. Retail ground up construction in Atlanta, GA with our company also allows you to choose the best location for your store, whether it's a busy city center or a suburban shopping mall.

The Advantages of Custom Big Box Retail

Both big box retail redevelopment and façade renovation in Atlanta, GA have their challenges. Big box redevelopment projects can be complex and costly, requiring significant planning and investment. They also need to be carefully designed to fit into the surrounding community and meet its needs. Façade renovations, while generally less complex, need to be done in a way that respects the architectural integrity of the building and complies with local regulations. Cheever Brothers has the big box construction and renovation experience to see your project through to the end and provide results beyond your expectations!


The benefits of big box redevelopment and façade renovations in Atlanta, GA are clear. They can help to revitalize underutilized spaces, stimulate economic activity, and improve the aesthetics of buildings and neighborhoods. They can also contribute to sustainability, by reusing existing structures and materials and reducing the need for new construction. For experience commercial renovation and façade remodeling in Atlanta, GA, contact Cheever Brothers Today!

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Big box redevelopment and façade renovation companies in Atlanta, GA are reshaping the commercial real estate landscape. Franchisers and landlords are turning challenges into opportunities, creating spaces that are not just functional and attractive, but also sustainable and community-oriented. Whether you need a general contractor in Atlanta, GA who provides big box redevelopment or a façade renovation, our goal is the same: to create spaces that add value to the community and stand the test of time.

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We Provide our Big Box Redevelopment & Façade Renovation Services to Metro Atlanta, GA and Surrounding Areas. Contact us Today for an Estimate.

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